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SFI Milestone: a2a hits the 150,000 member mark!

Recently, we welcomed our 150,000th a2a 2.0 member at SFI!

The 2.0 version of our SFI social network allows you to search, browse, and exchange messages with any SFI affiliate; identify and befriend SFI affiliates in your own country, state/province, or city; search by gender, age, join date, and common goals; create “best buddy” lists, brainstorm, share tips, discuss SFI news; and much more. You can also easily befriend an affiliate via Affiliate Snapshots just by clicking the a2a “Friend Request” button below the affiliate’s picture.

PLUS…You get 1 VP a day simply for visiting the a2a tab on your SFI homepage! Be sure to browse for new a2a members each day in your area, country, etc., and connect with them for the best ideas and strategies on promoting SFI in your country or region of the world.

Have YOU checked out this great resource at the Affiliate Center? You can register in less than 30 seconds at the a2a tab on your homepage. Remember: upon submitting your registration for a2a 2.0, you’ll receive 60 VP instantly and get a cool a2a badge for your homepage!

As an a2a Member, you can learn from others how to become successful in SFI. SFI affiliates will soon be able to send group messages to all of their a2a friends, easily sharing their best tips and ideas.

You’ll also be able to lend assistance to other SFI affiliates, helping them to grow and succeed as SFI business owners. And keep in mind, through the TripleClicks Executive Pool, a whopping 40% of all the CV of EVERY TripleClicks order is distributed via shares to all Executive Affiliates and Team Leaders. When tens of thousands of SFI affiliates become more active due to great support from other a2a members, millions of dollars in new sales at TripleClicks will follow, the TC Executive Pool skyrockets…and everyone’s commissions go UP, UP, UP.

For more information on a2a 2.0 and answers to frequently asked questions, click HERE.