New email verification Starter Incentive now available

On January 17th we introduced our new Starter Incentives program and debuted two incentives for new PSAs.  Full details HERE.

TODAY we are excited to debut another incentive—this one for email verification for ALL your PSAs.

From the new Starter Incentives Manager, simply select and save your choices for Starter Incentive #102.  Once selected, every PSA logging in to the Affiliate Center who has NOT verified their email address will now be offered free Rewardicals to confirm their email address.

Starter Incentive #102 works like this: We will pop up a modal screen with your reward offer to them after they’ve been at the Affiliate Center for about two minutes.  To accept the offer, they simply need to click a button that sends them a special email, which includes a unique link that can only be received by taking delivery of this email at their address on file.  Upon following the simple instructions in the email and clicking on the contained link, they will have verified their address to be valid and working.  Some refer to this as a “double opt-in.”

Starter Incentive #102 is a great way to not make sure your team members are getting your emails and also for re-engaging with them.

More Starter Incentives are in the works.  Stay tuned for announcements.

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