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SFI is very excited today to announce an important new SFI product. We call it LAUNCHPACK and it replaces the New Member Pack, effective immediately.

What’s different about LaunchPack? For starters, we’ve engineered LaunchPack to be the perfect product for new SFI affiliates.

It comes with SEVEN awesome “let’s-get-started!” components…

1500 VersaPoints

Yes, instant EA (Executive Affiliate) status is granted when purchasing LaunchPack! This of course secures all EA perks including a minimum of 1500 shares of the Executive Pool (immediate earnings), 50% Direct Commissions on PSAs and PRMs, and more than a dozen other powerful business-building perks!

30-days access to ECommergy

Introduces our newest affiliates to the product that can help them, perhaps more than any other, become a successful ecommerce entrepreneur! Includes 100 giftable Rewardical tokens.

40 mighty TCredits

Introduces them to our #1 selling product and provides them with the means to immediately begin sampling Astro Auctions, Eager Zebra games, and more. Note: First 30 TCredits are delivered immediately, the remaining 10 are subsequently received as part of the standard monthly TCredits Bonus for EAs.

15 CSAs

Every new affiliate launching their business with LaunchPack will have an “instant team” of newly-joined CSAs. Note: First 5 CSAs are delivered immediately, the remaining 10 are subsequently received as part of the standard monthly CSAs Bonus for EAs.

Free participation in 10 Astro Auctions

Astro Auctions are one of the “jewels” of our system and we want every affiliate to really experience Astro so they’ll want to spread the word far and wide about our unique auctions. Every new affiliate launching their business with LaunchPack will receive FREE participation in ten auctions (one per day) with guaranteed Rewardicals and other Constellation prizes, starting the day following their LaunchPack purchase. For each day they are eligible for free participation, they’ll receive a friendly email with a link to join an auction of their choice.

A special “Launched!” badge

Every new affiliate launching their business with LaunchPack will receive a special badge recognizing their “fully-launched” status and that will introduce them to our popular Badge Quest contest.

50 Rewardicals

Introduces them to our highly-popular reward tokens system and the Rewardical Exchange. Note: The 50 Rewardicals are subsequently received as part of the standard monthly Rewardicals Bonus for EAs.

What’s the price of our awesome new “blast-off package?” Just $19.98, with instant delivery and no shipping fees! And what a deal it is! All the goodies we’ve packed into LaunchPack are valued at over $52.00! You save a whopping $32.02, more than 60% off the regular price!

LaunchPack is available, starting today, October 1, for any affiliate who joined SFI on or after September 1, 2019, during their first 60 days. Limit: ONE per affiliate

The CV for LaunchPack is $10.00.

For those eligible, you can order your LaunchPack now at:



Q: Why do we need a product like LaunchPack?
Engaging new affiliates is crucial for team building in SFI. It’s said that the hardest step on a journey is the first one. We want to make it as easy and as compelling as possible for new affiliates to take that first big step and become active! LaunchPack will fulfill this important role. At the same time, LaunchPack will introduce new affiliates to the great perks of being an EA, to Rewardicals, to Astro Auctions, to TCredits, to ECommergy, and to other key components of the SFI “ecosystem.”

Q: Though LaunchPack sounds great, I’m disappointed that I can’t order one. Why can’t I buy one?
It’s simply not feasible. But this is a time when you really need to think about the “big picture.” That is, if new affiliates you’re bringing in are sparked by LaunchPack, if they become engaged, active affiliates because LaunchPack introduced them to TCredits, Astro, ECommergy, and so forth…you’re soon going to be seeing growth in your business and much higher commissions. So, even though you may not be able to personally purchase a LaunchPack, there are PLENTY of ways that LaunchPack can benefit you! Indeed, LaunchPack may very well be a true game-changing product.

Q: How will new affiliates know about LaunchPack?
Unlike the New Member Pack, we’re planning to HEAVILY promote LaunchPack to all new affiliates during their first 60 days in SFI. We’re planning to use special emails, special banners at the Affiliate Center, and more. Yes, rest assured, unless they’ve completely closed their eyes to SFI, they will be aware of LaunchPack!

Q: Might the heavy promotion turn off some people?
It could, but our promotions will be done tastefully…and it will be clear it’s simply an option, that there’s no requirement to purchase LaunchPack.

Q: The New Member Pack only allowed ten days to purchase it, which was designed for maximum urgency, as I understand it. Why now 60 days (a 6x increase)?
You’re right, the ten days was primarily to amp up urgency. But the fact is, we’ve used the 10-day window for years…and we just think it’s time to test a much longer window. We’ll see how it goes…and we’ll make adjustments as needed.

Q: Why spread out the included free auction passes over ten days?
We feel this will serve to get new affiliates in the habit of regularly participating in Astro much better than just a one-time thing. And, remember, we’re sending them a reminder email each day for ten days that they have a free auction pass so they don’t miss out. Once they’ve received the email, all they have to do is click the included link and choose the auction they want to participate in. We think this could be big in getting many, many more people participating in Astro. And the more we can build our base of bidders, the more auctions we can have going at once, the faster auctions will go, and the more variety of products we can offer.

Q: Will the large amount of VP (1500) that comes with LaunchPack decrease share values of the Executive Pool?
No. Actually, the amount of the revenue going into the Executive Pool for this product will actually “over-fund” the shares paid out. That is, it will be a net gain for share value.

Q: LaunchPack includes 30 days access to ECommergy. Any chance we’ll be encouraging them to extend that access with a monthly subscription?
Yes, absolutely! As the 30 days of access comes to an end, they’ll automatically receive a series of friendly emails from us encouraging them to purchase a monthly subscription (Auto-Delivery) so they can continue to benefit from all the powerful resources ECommergy has to offer.

Q: Why include a badge in LaunchPack?
SFI Badge Quest is one of our most popular affiliate contests. It gets affiliates focused on doing important actions that build their SFI business. By including this special badge, we hope to draw attention to Badge Quest and increase participation even further.

Q: Why the name LaunchPack?
Think of it as a direct tie-in to LaunchPad. LaunchPad is the training to get started…but LaunchPack is about taking it to the next level, to get truly serious about building a successful online enterprise, to get “fully launched.”

Q: What’s with the $19.98 price?
We thought it would be fun to reference the year that SFI began (1998).

Q: Is LaunchPack the special program hinted at in the Direct Commission announcement in September?
Nope. Stay tuned; we’ve got another amazing announcement coming up later this month!

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