Regulations for Success

1. Treat your company … like an organization!
2. DO something to expand your company on a daily basis.
3. Lead by instance.
4. Deal with the employees.
5. Deal with TripleClicks as YOUR shop.
6. YOU be successful just if THEY be successful.
7. YOU make it occur, no person else.
8. Leaders are visitors.
9. Open your eyes to your possibility.
10. Establish objectives … as well as release them!
11. Have a strategy (a reasonable strategy).
12. Winning beginnings with start.
13. Emphasis.
14. Send out commend down (as well as objection up).
15. Do not give up.
16. Assume BIG.
17. Do not significant in minors.
18. Do not be an unfavorable thinker.
19. What?! Someone’s waiting!
20. Linger till you win.