Re-Post: Your “Invitation” Gateway and SFI Share-Its

Looking for a light and friendly Gateway to use in your marketing efforts? Check out the “Invitation” Gateway:
(XXXXX = your SFI ID number)

The first thing you’ll notice is that it is personalized with your name and features a clean and friendly “grow a second income” design. The Gateway is also integrated into SFI Share-its — little “mini-ads” that promote SFI and TripleClicks on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter and that point back to your Invitation Gateway. We’ve created several of them so far, and you’ll receive them when you achieve certain milestones and do certain actions.

For example, when you win the Daily Grand or you advance your rank in SFI, you’ll automatically receive a Share-It (it will appear on your Alerts tab at the Affiliate Center). You can then post that Share-It on your Facebook or Twitter account to let your friends know about your good news. When your friends click the link in the ad, they’ll land on your Invitation Gateway where they can become an SFI affiliate (with you as their sponsor, of course).

Each Share-it is pre-written so you can post it with just a click or two. And if you’re posting on Facebook, it will include a cool little image and an “about” blurb that can make your post look extremely sharp and professional.

And since most of our affiliates do not want to be too aggressive (it’s your friends and family members after all), everything uses friendly language and with only subtle calls to action. Of course, all Share-its are completely optional, so just use the ones you like.

Here’s a list of Share-Its we’ve created:

  • Daily Grand Drawing Win
  • E365 Drawing Win
  • E365 Finalist Qualification
  • ECA Referral
  • New BTL
  • New STL
  • New GTL
  • New PTL
  • Power Rank #1 in Class
  • Power Rank #1 in Country
  • Power Rank Top 10 in Country
  • Power Rank Top 20 in Country
  • Power Rank Top 50 in Country
  • Power Rank Top 100 in Country
  • Pricebenders Auction Winner
  • VersaPoints Top 10
  • VersaPoints Top 20
  • VersaPoints Top 100
  • VersaPoints Top 200
  • W3 $250 Cash Winner
  • W3 Monthly Renewal

Note: For most Share-Its, you’ll receive them when you meet the qualification (e.g. when you become a BTL) for the first time…and they will be available for you to use for a maximum of 10 days before expiring.

And now for a quick little marketing lesson. Our new SFI Share-Its employ what we call “Drip Marketing” and it’s the opposite of most marketing campaigns that “go for the throat,” to try to get you to act now. We’re not interested in doing that here and neither should you, especially since your audience is your friends and family.

So instead, the idea is that you “drip” on them just every so often. If you hit your Facebook pages with “guns-a-blazing” about joining SFI or checking out, you’ll quite likely get the opposite of what you’re after. But imagine that this week your Facebook friends see your friendly little post about winning a prize in the Daily Grand. Next week they see you’ve entered the Power Rank Top 10 in your country. A couple weeks later they see you’ve become a Silver Team Leader. And so on. Drip, drip, drip. Eventually, the curiosity becomes too much and they will want to see what this SFI thing is all about. And not because you twisted their arm, but because you piqued their interest over time with your friendly little posts–which caused them to WANT to learn more.

By the way, on Facebook alone, our 230,000+ current followers have tens of MILLIONS of friends themselves! So, yes, the Share-its program is a great, great way for everyone to spread the word about SFI and TripleClicks. So, be sure to check your Alerts tab regularly for any recent Share-its you can share.

Special Note: As many of you know, Facebook has made using the Gateways challenging. You should not have this issue with this Gateway. However, as more and more affiliates end up using it, the Invitation Gateway COULD fall into the same situation. Just know that we have a contingency plan, and we will cross that bridge later if needed.

This article was originally posted on 03/14/13.  We’ve re-posted it so it can be archived and searchable at our new blog and also so that new affiliates–who may have missed the original announcement—can learn of its availability.

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