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TripleClicks Milestone: 7,000 E-Commerce Associates now in the store!


With more than 7,000 ECAs in 164 countries now at, our popular ECA program continues to gain momentum, with growing income potential for all our SFI Affiliates. See the ECA Referral Guideand FAQs for more information.

Be sure to take a moment now and locate ECAs from within your own country, region, or city. Connect with and patronize these businesses. As an added benefit, in some cases, you can even pick up the products right from the merchants’ local retail outlet, eliminating shipping fees!

To view the ECAs in your country, see:

Also visit our ECA Report daily at:

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SFI Milestone: 200,000 Forum Posts!

Are you checking out the SFI Forum regularly? With now more than 230,000 posts covering 38,139 SFI-related topics and nearly 200,000 members, the SFI Forum is one valuable resource you and your team simply cannot afford to overlook!

At the SFI Forum you can:

– Brainstorm with your fellow SFI affiliates.
– Get your questions answered 24-hours a day.
– Discuss business strategies and ideas.
– Find a mentor.
– Help other affiliates.
– Share concerns.
– Contribute feedback.
– Learn about exciting new corporate developments.
– Search, using keywords, to find information on almost anything related to SFI.

The SFI Forum is a perfect place to get the education, encouragement, and inspiration you need to help you make your SFI business into a true success. Learn more about using the SFI Forum HERE.

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Gift Card Policy Update

Due to an exploit we have recently discovered, affiliates may now give a maximum of three TC Gift Cards to any one person, instead of our previous policy limit of five. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause but believe this will reduce instances of fraud and make the program more profitable and secure for everyone.

For more details about TC Gift Cards, see our GIFT CARD GUIDE.

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TripleClicks Milestone: 200,000 Facebook fans!

Woo-hoo! recently welcomed its 200,000th fan on its Facebook page. If you haven’t already “liked” us on Facebook, please do it now, and help us reach our goal of 500,000 fans.  Like us (become a fan) by clicking the “Like” button on your Affiliate Center To-Do List.  You’ll also receive 20 bonus VP!

Not on Facebook yet?  Join the one billion plus Facebook users worldwide to stay in touch with friends and family, follow favorites businesses and organizations, play online games, and much more. Join Facebook at

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New Pricebenders tabbed flyer

We’ve just released a new flyer for promoting Pricebenders auctions.  And it’s of the very popular tear-off tab variety!

Yes, just download this free flyer from the Marketing Center, make as many copies as you need, cut apart the tabs, and start posting them around town.  Note that your Pricebenders Gateway can be added to each tab before you print it out.   Alternately, you can use a Prestige Custom Domain or your own domain.

Tear-off flyers work great on public bulletin boards such as in grocery stores, Laundromats, etc.  Persons interested simply will tear off a single tab and take it with them so they have the URL to get online and learn more, sign up as a TripleClicks member, and start bidding!

Don’t forget: In popular spots, all the tabs will get torn off quickly, so make sure you know exactly where you’ve posted your flyers and set a schedule for yourself to check on them frequently (bring extra flyers to replace those that are getting short on or are out of tabs).


You can discuss this announcement with your SFI peers at the SFI Forum HERE.

Pricebenders Tabbed Flyer

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New Time Machine promo banners

Our graphics department has just finished up three cool new banners to help you promote the new Time Machine game from our new Eager Zebra Games division.

Time Machine sample bannerHere’s an example of the 176 x 618 banner.  Note that it is “generic” so you can use it (or the other two available banners) for the current and all future Time Machine games.

And, yes, the “odometer” is live so when you place this on your personal website or blog, your viewers will see the numbers update automatically as the Zackpot grows–until the current Time Machine game ends on April 5th.  The odometer will then be reset to 500 for the next Time Machine game and start rolling upwards from there.

Important note: This sample purposely has an “X” through it to remind you that this is only a SAMPLE and you are not to use it directly.  Rather, you need to go to the Marketing Center and  grab the HTML code of the banner you wish to use and insert it into your website/blog.

TIP: You can greatly increase your chances of winning at least a share of the Zackpot by encouraging your PSAs to play the game and by referring new TripleClicks Members.  This is because if the Time Machine winner is one of your PSAs or PRMs–provided YOU have at least one entry in the game yourself–you’ll automatically receive a 10% match of his or her winnings.  Example: Your PRM wins 2000 TCredits, so you win 200 TCredits!  Note: Your rank must be at least EA2.

In addition to the 176 x 618 banner shown, also available at the Marketing Center are a 744 x 108 banner and a 316 x 268 banner.


You can discuss this announcement with your SFI peers at the SFI Forum HERE.

Pssst…our next and even more fun game is coming along nicely.  Be watching for the announcement.