New Pricebenders tabbed flyer

We’ve just released a new flyer for promoting Pricebenders auctions.  And it’s of the very popular tear-off tab variety!

Yes, just download this free flyer from the Marketing Center, make as many copies as you need, cut apart the tabs, and start posting them around town.  Note that your Pricebenders Gateway can be added to each tab before you print it out.   Alternately, you can use a Prestige Custom Domain or your own domain.

Tear-off flyers work great on public bulletin boards such as in grocery stores, Laundromats, etc.  Persons interested simply will tear off a single tab and take it with them so they have the URL to get online and learn more, sign up as a TripleClicks member, and start bidding!

Don’t forget: In popular spots, all the tabs will get torn off quickly, so make sure you know exactly where you’ve posted your flyers and set a schedule for yourself to check on them frequently (bring extra flyers to replace those that are getting short on or are out of tabs).


You can discuss this announcement with your SFI peers at the SFI Forum HERE.

Pricebenders Tabbed Flyer

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