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New Pricebenders Bonus Bar and Bid Log

Starting today, we are testing two new features at some of our Pricebenders auctions.

1. Bonus Bar

The new Pricebenders Bonus Bar is a live, realtime progress bar that sits atop each auction.

If bidding reaches the end of the Bonus Bar, we LOCK IN the price you’ll pay if you win. Now matter how much higher bidding goes, your purchase price is locked at 77% off the MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price)!

But that’s not all.  Six times along the way, you can win FREE TCredits in our new Pricebenders Flash Drawings. To enter the drawings, just bid at least once in the 5 minutes prior to the drawing (earn one drawing entry per bid during the 5-minute time period).  Limit: 3 drawing wins per auction.

Pricebenders Bonus Bar

With Flash Drawings every few minutes and multiple chances to win hundreds of FREE TCredits every day, Pricebenders is now more exciting than ever before.  And now with aminimum guaranteed purchase price (the price you pay if you win the auction) of 77% off MSRP, it’s never been a better value!

Note:  The Bonus Bar is debuting as a beta test on Choice, Silver & Gold, and SFI 2 auction tiers.  Assuming testing is successful, the Bonus Bar will be added later to ALL auctions.

2. Alias Bid Log

Since Pricebenders debut in September 2010 (with the exception of Big Dog auctions), we have always provided a live bid log of the most recent ten bidders with actual names of the bidders.  Unfortunately, due to continually growing abuse, we are now testing the use of alias’ in the bid log.

How has it been abused?  In short, members use the bid log to INTIMIDATE other bidders.  For example, we keep finding members who “just happen” to have the same first name and last name initial of some of our biggest, most well-known bidders.  Knowing that many bidders will flee from any auction where these “heavy hitters” show up, these members are clearing attempting to scare off the competition and win with dirty tricks.  We’ve identified other scams as well, all using forms of intimidation to win auctions unfairly.  This hurts TripleClicks, all of our affiliates, all of our Pricebenders bidders, and it makes these auctions unfeasible for us.  It must be stopped now.

Like the new Bonus Bar, we will be first testing Alias Bid Logs on the Choice, Silver & Gold, and SFI 2 auction tiers.

Note: So as to provide full transparency of the bidding process, once an auction ends, a list of every bidder–with both their real name and their temporary* alias–will be provided on the Latest Winners page (click “Bidders” link).

* A new alias is assigned for each auction you participate in.