New Genealogy Feature: Goal Status

Your SFI Genealogy now sports a new column letting you know which of your PSAs, CSAs, and other Affiliates in your downline have set their monthly goals for their businesses.

Simply click the Aff Mgr tab on your Genealogy to view the new GS column on the right side of the report. If an affiliate has set a goal for the month, the column will show a “Y.” Conversely, an “N” indicates that person has not yet set a goal.

REMEMBER: Goal-setting is VITAL for success! Keep an eye out each month for PSAs and CSAs who have not yet set their goals, and encourage them do to so on the SFI homepage GOALS tab. They’ll have a better chance to succeed with clear, thought-out goals in front of them; and you will be strengthening your entire downline.

PLUS…all Affiliates earn 5 VersaPoints for setting monthly goals, with an additional VersaPoint each day for monitoring their goals during the month.

Author: admin