New account management tool: Block List

Today we are introducing a new business tool to help you…

  • Opt out from receiving messages from affiliates you prefer not to hear from
  • Analyze the responses of your own messages and mailings

Currently, you can individually block:

  • Stream posts
  • Private messages (TeamMail)
  • Group mailings (PSA Mailer, CSA Mailer, Genealogy Group Mailer)

For each of the above, just look for the new “Block” button or link where you receive the message.  Click it, add your reason for blocking, and submit.  The person will now be listed on your Block List here:

You can unblock someone just as easily.  Simply go to your Block List and click the appropriate “Unblock” button.

At the top of your Block List, in the light gray box, are the statistics of people who have blocked YOU.  And while we do not divulge WHO is blocking you, you can read the reasons they’ve opted out by clicking the “See reasons for blocks” link.

Note! This information can be invaluable in helping you learn how to best communicate with your team members, so check your stats at least once a week.  

When you do a big mailing, for example, check to see if anyone has blocked you and the reasons given.  Depending on this feedback, you MAY need to change your tone, leave certain topics out, or improve your writing in some fashion in your future mailings.

That said, do NOT get hung up on a few people opting out and complaining about your messages.  You will never please everyone, and it is a recipe for lifetime unhappiness to try!  Don’t get upset if a small percentage of your group opt out.  Ignore it (remember, you can’t please everyone). However, if the numbers are significant (percentage-wise), definitelydo take heed.  The last thing you want to be doing is turning off your team with inappropriate messages.  So DO listen to the feedback and take action when it’s warranted.

Author: admin