Member badges to debut at TripleClicks!

Later today, the first of numerous new badges will debut at TripleClicks.  The winner (or winners) of the current Time Machine game, will automatically have this badge added to their TripleClicks homepage (and later on their Member TConnect page too):

Time Machine Winner's Badge

Win Time Machine again, and the badge will read 2-Time Winner (and go up by one for each time you win)!

All of our Eager Zebra games to come will work this same way, with a handsome badge that updates automatically to show the world just how great you are!

But it’s not just game badges that will be available.  Over the coming next months, we’ll be introducing a whole gallery of new badges that you can earn for doing various things around TripleClicks.  Be watching for further announcements on this topic soon.

P.S. Our next Eager Zebra game is coming along great.  And unlike Time Machine, you’ll be able to play this game (each game will last typically less than one hour) multiple times a day…and WIN multiple times a day!  Stay tuned for updates.

Author: admin