By Bing Obaldo – May 2013
1. After 50 plus years of Network Marketing, only 2.8 % are making a profit out of millions of people trying to earn money
2. In SFI, which is the easiest legitimate opportunity out there today in the Internet, my estimate is: around 4 to 5% are profitable
3. Your goal is to do everything in your power to belong to that elite group of winning entrepreneurs
4. Accept the fact that BIG majority of your recruits will quit because they are NOT profitable after a certain time period
5. You must find those five percenters and teach everyone to keep recruiting to land those serious doers and builders
6. Allow yourself up to three months to find your top 5 builders. Allow everybody else to use up to four months, to find their elite fives
7. Time allotted to reach 6 Generational Levels of a solid organization for your Retirement Royalty income is 24 months
8. With consistent massive effort, for three years, Financial and Time Freedom will come. Think of what local real business owners are putting out just to stay in business. Almost all of them have no chance of Financial and Time Freedom. Most of them just have a “job” with a lot of financial risks.
9. The most duplicable way to build your group is to use Coops. To find your five, you must plan to recruit at least 100. Just keep recruiting; the SFI System will later allow you to reassign these excess PSA’s to your most prolific builders.
10. Additionally, use the methods of recruiting taught by SFI to match your skills and experience, for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced
Affiliates. Read Ask Gery, Ask SC and Forum Posts for more practical
tips in growing your SFI business.
11. Start now using your own SFI Coop Manager to distribute/give
away some of your recruits, to spur more activity from your early fast
12. Learn to eventually get your own Coop organized and going
13. Remember, duplication is of paramount importance to your long
term Plan
COMPENSATION CHART To See Why Your Income Start Small For Months
Generation EA2 Your Total EA2 EAs Total VP Monthly Income
1st 5 5 7,500 $3.75
2nd 25 30 45,000 $22.50
3rd 125 155 232,500 $116.25
4th 625 780 1,170,000 $585.00
5th 3125 3905 5,857,500 $2,928.75
6th 15625 19530 29,295,000 $14,647.50
In addition of course, there will be the extra income generated by all the
different streams included in the SFI Compensation Plan, such as: Matching
Bonuses, ECA Royalties, Direct Sales, SFIPPA (Pay Per Action) and SFI contests

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