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Keeping your monthly EA/EA2 status

   Sit back relax  and start reading because today I’am gonna
show you how to make 1500VP to easily get your EA2 and all the
Benefits of EA2

1) Always Log into SFI and complete the actions To-do list
(don’t just do your to-do list but Read Tips,PriceBender News,
Steam Post, etc to help you learn and grow your business)

This will give you 11 Versa Points per day for a 30 day total of
11vp X 30 days =330 Versa Points

2) Do your weekly action every week you will get
30 VP- sending message through your PSA Mailer, CSA Mailer or
through your Genealogy Team Mail
5 VP- For reviewing your TConnect page
3 VP- For submitting a Stream post

Total 30+3+5=38 for 1 week
So in a month 38 X 4= 152 VP

3) DO your monthly actions
(it’s easy because all you need to do is give your
monthly SFI/sponsor rating!!)
this will give you 10 VP

So far we have gathered
330+152+10 =492VP

Now from here there are two ways you can go:

#1 If you have enough money then Make a standing order for
any TCredit items you like below to get 1500 VP:

Check out Items here

The easiest way is to get yourself a monthly standing order to
IAHBE for $32.95 this earns you 1500 VP in one shot to keep you
EA2 each month: (1500 vp also gets you 2 CSA’s each month)


You can than easily make 1500Vp and EA2 status each month
by doing nothing but having your standing order.

#2 If you don’t have the money then follow these steps..

Purchase 10 E-books with 10 TCredits which cost 1TCredit per ebook
before the 15th of the month..this will give you Review
of e-books after the 15th of the month
==>you will get 250VP by giving your reviews of these
10 ebooks

Now let me tell you how to get TCredits Free.. Read Following
My best Advice to you purchase W3 kit
( it cost 1.95$ , its less than your daily purchase)
you can order it here :

you will get 5 TCredits and 50 MRP easily per month
Awesome benefit of this is you can participate in
the”Pick up Price” contest just guess price of Ending Bid
and win 200Tc/20Tc (200 TCredits cost $58.00 ) there are
9-10 auction per day so 270-300 auctions per month so you
can win at least once.
( So far I’ve won 1000TC+ in 2 months with those TCredits I
won auctions of 100 CSA’s/ 50 CSA’s / and another 25 PSA’s
You can see 1.95$ can give you $500+ of infinite benefits

So far we have 492+250=742VP

Sponsor Affiliates under your gateway and make them EA. Tell them
to make 500VP in the first 24 hours to get 200 extra points for
becoming a Fast Tracker.
(it’s Easy for you to become an EA in as little as 30 minutes)
2nd month you become EA2 and tell your new affiliates
what you did to become EA2..

For each sponsored EA2 you get 100VP
you can easily make 5 PSA’s (Personally Sponsored Affiliate) every month
by referring on Facebook, Twitter, Classifieds and even Traffic Exchanges.

You will easily get 500VP from them from commissions earned if they
Purchase From TripleClicks

so now we have 742+500=1242VP

6) Win 200 TCredits with Pricebenders PickThePrice. In a month you can easily
win at least once for 200 TCredits or, you might win 4-5 times..
(my advice is if you failed to get exact price of ending bid ..
just stick with single numbers like $2.63, $1.78 anything but always
put some price in PTP it increase chances to win .. 1 TCredit per pick
its not 100% but relevant) you may win as closest to the winning price.

Use those 100 TCredits in auction to bid wisely and win
those 100 Bids will also give you 100VP

so now you have 1242+100=1342VP

For each Bid you do you will get 5MRP
so roughly if you do 100 bids you will get
100 X 5 = 500MRP

Now Use those MRP to purchase TCredits
Purchase 2Tc which costs 120MRP each
(you already have 500MRP)

Each TCredit you purchase will give you 102 VP
we want 1500-1342=158VP

Purchasing 2 TCredits with 240 MRP will give you 204 VP
(and we still have 260MRP remaining)

Fantastic, we are now ahead of 1500VP milestone


Congratulations.. you’ve done it

So you can see by a single 1.95$ purchase we can make 1500Vp+ easily..

Hope this will be beneficial to all new members

I Love SFI