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Important Pricebenders update

We have completed, for now, our testing of ALIASES in the bid logs at Pricebenders.

Aliases are no longer in use; all auctions are once again displaying actual names in all bid logs (with the one exception of Big Dog auctions).

PricebendersLogoWe’ve also made the Bonus Bar a permanent fixture on all auctions!  The Bonus Bar provides up to six free drawings for TCredits during each auction AND guarantees that you’ll save aMINIMUM of 77% off the retail price (the price you pay at checkout) on every Pricebenders auction.

Please note that we are still assessing the results of our testing and some tweaks are still forthcoming.  For example, we plan to introduce usernames soon (you choose your own unique username).  We may also place a limit on the number of auctions that can be bid on at a time to mitigate certain abusive tactics.  And we will continue to work towards making sure all Pricebenders auctions are fair and fun for everyone.

One more thing: The server issues that were causing intermittent auction slowness during the last few days have been resolved, so come on out and win some great deals!  For a full auction schedule, see: