Check out this little Gem I found.

Quantity: 1 x Natural Brilliant Round cut AAA DIAMOND 

Weight: .17 ct 
Color: Rare Best Blue 
Clarity: I 
Size: 3.58 x 3.58 x 2.23mm 
Hardness: 10 
Luster: Amazing Top Fire 
Treatment: Natural-Irridiated 
Origin: Africa 

As well as a single, pure color, Blue diamonds can contain one, two, or even three of the following overtone colors; Gray, Grayish, Green, Greenish, Violetish, Gray Greenish, and Grayish Greenish. 

Blue diamonds are found in all intensities, Faint, Very Light, Light, Fancy Light, Fancy, Fancy Intense, Fancy Vivid, Fancy Deep and Fancy Dark intensity grades depending on the color combinations in the stone. 

Consider adding the very rare Blue color diamond, most connected with royalty and power, to your collection today! 

Please Note: We use natural sunlight when we can. We also use lights that produce as close to possible natural daylight. We use photo shop to cut and edit but not to enhance. We also know many computer screens buyers use, vary greatly along with their eye sight. You get the products we sell at a very good price because we buy in bulk. Gems and opals especially need light sometime strong to see their wide ranges of colors and color play. 

All Gemstones are 100% Natural Earth Mined Stones unless otherwise stated. Prices given on uncertified items are estimates as per the world market prices. We purchase our gemstones and Jewelry pieces from well-established suppliers throughout the world. 

I try to describe each Gemstone or Jewelry piece as best as I can. If you purchase from us, it is guaranteed that you are buying Natural Gemstones and authentic Jewelry pieces unless stated. 

The cost of International Courier Shipping is calculated at $45 for packaging and Courier Charges and $10 for INSURANCE. (Please note: I have discounted the Courier Charges for this item). 

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