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A Surprise Niche with Huge Potential Profit

You already know about the BIG THREE niches: Health, Relationships and Money. It’s been estimated that as much as 80% of online revenue has something to do with these 3 niches. Of course, if you’re going into one of these niches, you’re going to want to niche it down a whole lot more. For example, Health could be: Weight loss, yoga, running, herbal remedies, healthy cooking, etc. The list is endless.

A Surprise Niche with Huge Potential Profit

But how often do you find a great niche that isn’t in one of these three categories? That is, how often do you find a hot niche that isn’t over run with competition? Not too often. That’s why when I stumbled on this niche, I had to tell you.

Of course, this niche is nothing novel or new. It’s simply overlooked by the vast majority of marketers. Which is a shame because it’s highly profitable and the buyers in this niche will fork over big bucks to get solutions to their problems.

So what’s the niche? Education. It’s a multi-million dollar category with an endless stream of parents ready and willing to pay to help their kids.

If you go into this niche, you’ll again want to sub-niche it down to a particular field (math) or grade level (anything from kindergarten all the way to university).

Imagine a young parent with a child who is struggling in school. Is that parent willing to pay for a course or book to help the child? You bet. How about a parent who is worried their child won’t get into a good university, or worried they can’t afford one, or just wants to help their child write term papers – the list is endless.

If you have a teaching background, or if you can enlist the help of teachers, you could probably make a small fortune in this niche. At the very least you could publish a line of Kindle books on tips and tricks to do well in each grade of school, and another series of books to show parents how to help their kids. The possibilities? Endless.

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