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What is The Role of A Sponsor in A Network Marketing Company

If you have joined a network marketing company, it is very likely that someone has referred you to that company. In that case, that person will be called your SPONSOR in your particular company. Note that, a sponsor has some…Read More…
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The Trick to Becoming a Super Success in ANYTHING

Alright, some of you are going to say I’m over simplifying and others will simply disagree, but after years of being super serious about my business, here’s what I’ve discovered:

Everything in life – EVERYTHING – is actually a GAME.

The Trick to Becoming a Super Success In ANYTHING

You know how you sit down with a few friend to play cards or a board game, and there’s always that one person who takes the whole game WAY too seriously? They’re getting mad and frustrated when things don’t go their way, they’re celebrating like it’s New Years when things go right, and half the time they can’t even follow the conversation because they’re too busy concentrating on the game.

Yeah, that person.

Well guess what? I’ll bet you that when it comes to Internet Marketing, you are that person.

If you’re taking every decision so seriously, then it might as well be life or death. Exactly how should you word this email? What color should your header be? Should you promote this product at 6a.m. on Tues, or at 9a.m. on Wednesday? And so forth.

These are choices that should take seconds.

Yet I was agonizing over each one like it was a declaration to declare war.

I thought I had to nail every decision and make it all perfect. Nothing could be left to chance. If it took me a week to decide something, it’s because that’s how long it should take.


Now I flip a coin. Seriously. If I need to make a decision – but based on all the facts I have I can’t decide – I flip a coin. Sort of like rolling the dice in a game. Because you know what? It’s better to take the wrong action than no action at all.

Sure, fast decisions can turn out to be bad ones. But guess what? So can slow decisions. But no decision at all? That will get you nowhere, fast. Every kid who rides a bicycle can tell you that it’s far easier to change direction once you’re moving. But if you’re sitting still on that bike, you’re not going anywhere.

And the long term difference between good and bad decisions isn’t even in the decision itself, or the results it produces. Instead, the difference is in how you react. If you make a bad decision and then confine yourself to bed for a week, that’s not going to help.

But when you play marketing like a game, a bad decision is simply telling you to move in another direction. You shrug off the bad choice, glad that now you have more information to head in a better direction this time.

Laughing at your bad choices is a good idea, too, because it’s a game. It’s all a game. LIFE is a game.

If you’re down two goals in football, do you over think what to do next? No. You get the ball and start moving it down the field. If you encounter something new and surprising in a video game, do you shut it down? No, you try different things and see what works. At most you pause the game, go online and find out what to do. It takes you 5 minutes at most before you’re back in the game, fully armed with the knowledge you need to win.

Any difficult obstacle you face can be thought of as a game. And just shifting your mindset to game mode can make all the difference.

I had a friend years ago who went to military boot camp. He looked at the whole thing as a game, and afterward he reported that boot camp was one of the easiest things he ever did. Other people in his camp took the training so seriously, they were literally getting sick from fright. Same boot camp, two different mindsets.

I had another friend in the U.S. who was facing an IRS audit. Scary stuff, and let me tell you, he was deeply frightened and ready to do anything – including signing over a big check – to make it go away. Then he changed his outlook. Now instead of quaking in fear, he declared, “It’s a game, me against them. Let’s see how we can win this.” His fear vanished, he took action, and at the end of the audit the IRS paid HIM.

Do you want start an online business? Launch a new product? Approach 25 gurus in the next 25 days? Make it into a game and 4 things will happen:

First, you’ll relax – and people do their best thinking when they’re relaxed.

Second, you’ll have fun – and people do their best work when they’re having fun.

Third, you won’t feel stressed – at least not the negative kind of stress – and you’ll literally live longer and be happier.

Fourth, when it’s all done and regardless of the outcome, you’ll be eager to do something else because you’ll want to have even more fun in your game.

“Yeah, but this is serious business and I’m a serious person!”

Really? Or is that simply how you choose to look at things and who you choose to be?

Life is a series of choices, and one of the biggest choices we make is deciding how to frame what we’re doing.

Me, I choose to make it a game – one I can’t wait to get up and play each morning. A game that just happens to also make me money. Lots of money.

How about you?

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How to Make More Sales On Every Launch

You’re about to promote a big launch of a new product, but here’s the thing: You know there are many, many other affiliates who are going to promote this launch, too. And obviously some or maybe most of the people on your mailing list are also on at least one other list that will be promoting this launch.

How to Make More Sales On Every Launch

So how do you make the sales, rather than your competition?

One way is to offer a great bonus. Let your list know ahead of time that if they buy from you, they’ll get the bonus.

Another way, and one that doesn’t involve fancy bonuses, is simply to mail first.

Most launches announce ahead of time when they’re going to go live. If you’re going to be away from your computer at that time, then you can schedule your email to go out at the time of the launch. It may or may not go out at exactly the right time, and sometimes launches can be delayed. So the very best method is to send the email yourself.

Simply write your email ahead of time and get it ready to send. Then continually refresh the sales page until you see it go live, and then immediately send out your broadcast. The reason you want to refresh the page rather than rely on the product seller to email you is because sellers tend to mail to their own list first, and then notify their JV partners. This way they get to make more sales themselves by being the first to email.

Refreshing the page so you know the moment the promotion goes live will get you more sales by being the first to mail. And if you’re willing to mail several times, you’ll get even more as people who were on the fence decide to get the product.

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Affiliates: How to Get Your Prospects into Red-Hot Buying Mode…

… BEFORE They Even Hit the Sales Page!

Odds are there is a super-effective sales tool you’re not using. In fact, you might not even know about it – or if you do, you might think it’s not worth the effort.

Affiliates: How to Get Your Prospects into Red-Hot Buying Mode...

But if I tell you that this tool is capable of increasing your affiliate sales… sometimes by monstrous proportions…

…and that it will take you less than an hour to set up once and then you can forget about it…

…would you be interested?

It’s called the pre-sell page, and it works like this:

Let’s say you’re an affiliate sending an email to your list promoting XYZ product. You could send your list members straight to the sales page. In fact, it’s most likely what you’re doing right now.

OR, you could send them to a short page that totally warms up your prospects to the sales page. In fact, your pre-sell page gets them so pumped up, they’re primed to buy before even getting to the sales page.

On your pre-sell page you don’t ask them to opt-in to anything. Instead, you tell them what the product they’re about to see has done for you. Yes, this means you’ve bought it or gotten a review copy. You’re able to talk to them as an insider who knows exactly what this product does. And you can tell them the exact benefits you got from the product.

This works extremely well for increasing conversions. Mind you, you’re not trying to sell the product – the sales page should do that. Instead, you’re merely warming them up, sort of like the introduction to a speaker or the trailer to a movie.

And if you want to take this one step further, you can offer them a free report which does the same thing. This way your email (or your ad) offers them the free report. They don’t have to opt-in, they just go to the page and there’s the report. They don’t even have to download it, they can read it right there. And of course the report does two things: Offers value AND warms them up to your offer.

Try it. You might be surprised at the increase in sales you get. And don’t forget to add this to your autoresponder series so you can continue to profit from it for a long time to come.

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Product Owners: 5 Ways To Make an Extra $500 Every Week

Simple changes in the way you market can result in big changes in your profit. In fact, with a few tweaks you might easily increase your income by several hundred dollars each week, depending on your traffic and offers. Here are 5 proven ways that you can do it.

Product Owners: 5 Ways To Make an Extra $500 Every Week

Cut your costs. Are you buying traffic? Look for ways to get the same quality of traffic (or better) for less. Are you paying affiliates? Consider paying MORE on the front end and less on the backend – done correctly, this can often result in more effort from affiliates and more long term profit in your pocket.

Increase the profit you make on each sale. This could be as simple as raising your price, or offering an upsell, a downsell, a one time offer or a combination.

Get more traffic. As a product owner, one of the best things you can do is attract great affiliates to bring you more traffic. Consider offering 100% commissions on the front end and bonuses to top affiliates. Then make sure you have a killer backend set up, with mid-priced and high-priced products that earn strong revenue for your business on the leads affiliates send you.

Increase your conversion rate. Simple adjustments combined with testing can raise the conversion rate on your sales pages – sometimes significantly. If you look at your sales for the past year and then ask yourself – “If I had increased conversions by 2% over this time period, how much more would I have earned?” You’ll see that the increased income can be tremendous, all from tweaking and testing.

Sell more products and services along with higher priced products to your existing customers. This is perhaps the best technique of all, and one that marketers often forget. Sure, you’ve got a $10 product and a $100 product, but what about that $500 a month coaching program, or the $1,000 big product? Don’t be scared to bring out the big guns – it’s actually what some of your customers are craving. Also, offer select promotions to your customers – products that you have personally vetted and know will help them. These two steps alone can add thousands to your bank account each month.

What to do right now: Work on #4: Increase Your Conversion Rate. This is the one thing you can begin working on immediately with very little effort that can make a tremendous difference.

Plus you’re increasing your list of buyers, which gives further opportunity to sell more products and more expensive products. And the higher your conversion rates are, the easier it is to attract great affiliates who send boatloads of traffic.

Once you’ve increased your conversion rates, choose another method and begin working on that. Before you know it, you may have doubled or even tripled your online income. Yes, when you’re a product owner, giving yourself a hefty raise really can be that simple.

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How to Make Big Profits with a Small List

When Joe Cool Marketer does a big splashy launch with prizes for the top 10 or 20 affiliates, wouldn’t you love to be on that list, making those commissions and earning those prizes? Not only do you make good money, you also get courted by other leaders to promote their products. Pretty soon you’re a high profile affiliate, and able to get joint ventures with product creators and the other leading affiliates – a great position to be in…

How to Make Big Profits with a Small List

But if your list is relatively small, you might think it’s not possible – at least not until you get a bigger, better and more responsive list.

Guess again – there is a way you can get on those leader boards, and the trick is so simple you’ve probably overlooked it: Join up with other marketers. Find several other marketers with lists comparable to yours and make yourself a promotion club. Pick launches of a medium size so you’re not competing with every big name marketer out there.

Pool your resources and your bonuses with your fellow club members to offer a killer bonus package. Everyone in your club promotes the same link and you all share in the profit. Take turns on who gets their name(s) on the leader board, or choose a new name for your club.

Your promotion club can do a lot more than win affiliate contests – you can also ban together to create and promote products and help each other with ideas and implementation.

Play it smart. You want people in your club who are in this for the long haul like you are, who are trust worthy, who you like working with, and who you can mastermind with. Together the 5 or so of you can accomplish far, far more than any one of you can individually, and it is likely you will find more ways to partner together along the way – possibly even creating products and running your own big shot affiliate program for others to join and profit selling YOUR products.

Success is a momentum game. Everyone starts at the beginning and builds their way up. Partnering up is a great way to speed up your journey to the top of the game!

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