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Are you a total package Affiliate?

Chances are you will have said or done some of these things since joining SFI.

1. You joined because you need more money and in many cases, you need or have needed money fast.
2. You joined with minimum to no skills.
3. You think selling products at SFI requires sales skills.
4. Your sponsor has you confused or has left you to the forum where most of the talk is on recruiting Personally Sponsored Affiliates and not promoting TripleClicks, Localvantia, Rewardical, and ECommergy, so you have no clue on how to do those things and thus are stuck trying to get PSA to buy something.
5. You have dozens or even a hundred or more PSA and yet very few are even active. Most tell you they are not making money and are ready to quit but you have no answers for them on how to make money because you are struggling to do the same.

Fact: No money is made in any area of SFI without sales being generated.
Fact: No selling experience is needed to generate sales commissions.
Fact: You do not need to ever do a sales pitch or come in contact with a customer to make sales commissions.
Fact: You do need to have support skills and knowledge to sponsor PSA.
Fact: You need good training to generate Active PSA and a reason for them to Purchase anything in a FREE to join program.

The average PSA in SFI has a very low and well below the poverty line income. Many have internet access only through internet cafes or via work at their regular job, or at friends and families houses. They simply can’t afford things you and I may take for granted as basic expenses.

In short, your PSA needs the money and need it fast and if they can’t see a clear and relatively easy path to profits they will either never become active or will not remain active for long.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to promote a product for sales. You have links, images, custom banners, and the ability to review and recommend products via a free blog with little training. In fact, you can set up a blog in minutes and be making sales as early as tonight with no prior experience. Just follow the instructions listed on the free blog host of your choice to set up the blog then go to YouTube or our own Internet Income Course to learn how to create a Product Review post.

Ask a ton of questions in the forum.

Learn all you can about marketing and recruiting training, and support of PSA, but above all look for ways to generate sales income and develop a plan to pass this training down to your PSA. Learn something every day and teach what you learn so your recruits are in profit as soon as possible and you will not be in this forum wondering why nobody in your team is active.

Walk people on your own path to success and they will walk with you to success.

You will soon find that not only are you earning more Cash Commissions but as a result of Versa Points Matching you are earning an even larger passive income in the background. You will also find that without one bit of sales training or actual selling your blog will begin to make you money 24 hours a day 365 days a year with content you wrote months or years ago.

This is where your training begins. Ask 3 questions in the forum today and see what responses you get. You can ask them in the comments below so everyone in this thread can respond and teach what they know.

Andy Zeus Anderson