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SFI Milestone: 150,000 Forum Posts!

Are you checking out the SFI Forum regularly? With now more than 150,000 posts covering 27,300 SFI-related topics and more than 160,000 members, the SFI Forum is one valuable resource you and your team simply cannot afford to overlook!

At the SFI Forum you can:

– Brainstorm with your fellow SFI affiliates.
– Get your questions answered 24-hours a day.
– Discuss business strategies and ideas.
– Find a mentor.
– Help other affiliates.
– Share concerns.
– Contribute feedback.
– Learn about exciting new corporate developments.
– Search, using keywords, to find information on almost anything related to SFI.

The SFI Forum is a perfect place to get the education, encouragement, and inspiration you need to help you make your SFI business into a true success. Learn more about using the SFI Forum HERE.

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Get your FREE Network Marketing books!

We have several thousand copies of the excellent network marketing training book, Network Marketing For The New Millennium. We’d like YOU, our affiliates, to have a copy of this great book, so we are making them available, until they’re gone, for FREE (you just pay for shipping).

You can order as many copies as you want–you pay ONLY for shipping. That’s it!

Get a copy for your library. Get some for gifts or rewards for your downline. Or buy a several dozen copies and offer them as free gifts for joining your SFI team (i.e., use them for converting prospects into PSAs). Be creative!

177 pages. Suggested Retail Price: $12.95. Original publication date: 1999. Phil Longenecker, CEO, Cutting Edge Media, and Bob Schwartz, former National Marketing Director of CEM, created this book to help home-business owners and entrepreneurs run successful businesses in the 21st Century. Knowing and acting on the information in this book has already transformed many network marketers’ careers and lives. Phil and Bob directly address the #1 reason for failure in the network marketing industry–lack of interested prospects. Simply put, your success is dependent upon gaining a steady flow of interested prospects and customers, then showing your team members how to do the same. And that’s exactly what “Network Marketing For The New Millennium” teaches!

“I cannot recommend this book enough. I could not put it down. Very informative and gives a complete overview education of the network marketing business. Cutting edge ideas that will make you think and most important get you to take action.”
Eugene C.

“This is really good material to teach you how to market online! ”
Donald P.

“I would highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to grow their network marketing organization.”
Keith S.

“Full of really good info, for newbies it’s a must read. ”
Rose V.

For more reviews, see: … ab=reviews

To order, go to: … ab=details

Hurry! First-come, first-served. Once they’re gone, they’re gone!

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Did you get you free TCredits this month?

Commissions and perks have recently been processed for September, and we wanted to remind you that if you were at least a second-month EA (Executive Affiliate) in September, we’ve just added 10-20 free TCredits to your account!

To confirm how many TCredits you have available to use, just log in at They will be listed next to your name in the top right corner.

What can you do with these TCredits?

1. List your unwanted items for sale at and convert them into cash (just one TCredit per listing).

2. Redeem your TCredits on any of over 98,000 products at TripleClicks (see TCredit price on product details pages).

3. Place bids on Pricebenders Auctions.

4. Use TCredits as rewards for hard-working affiliates in your team (transfer TCredits via your Genealogy).

5. Use TCredits as contest prizes on your Leadership Page.

6. Offer free TCredits to attract new TC members and earn lifetime commissions on their purchases.

7. Download great music from the TC Music Center (just one TCredit per song!), and more.

To learn more about TCredits, see our TCredits FAQs.

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New Genealogy Feature: Goal Status

Your SFI Genealogy now sports a new column letting you know which of your PSAs, CSAs, and other Affiliates in your downline have set their monthly goals for their businesses.

Simply click the Aff Mgr tab on your Genealogy to view the new GS column on the right side of the report. If an affiliate has set a goal for the month, the column will show a “Y.” Conversely, an “N” indicates that person has not yet set a goal.

REMEMBER: Goal-setting is VITAL for success! Keep an eye out each month for PSAs and CSAs who have not yet set their goals, and encourage them do to so on the SFI homepage GOALS tab. They’ll have a better chance to succeed with clear, thought-out goals in front of them; and you will be strengthening your entire downline.

PLUS…all Affiliates earn 5 VersaPoints for setting monthly goals, with an additional VersaPoint each day for monitoring their goals during the month.

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This week’s W3 Cash Drawing Winner

Feodors Zavoronkovs of Riga, LATVIA, just won $250 in the weekly WAVE3 cash drawing. Congrats, Feodors!

Next week, it could be YOU. For each W3 member you refer, you receive an entry in our weekly drawing (winners drawn each Tuesday). Ten runners-up are also drawn and each receive 50 free TCredits. For 17 ways you can generate referrals, go to:

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New mobile SFI and TripleClicks Wallpapers debut!

Now available–new, snazzy SFI and TripleClicks wallpapers for your cell phone! The SFI mobile wallpaper features a glowing SFI logo, while the TC wallpaper displays the store’s crown logo. Both wallpapers are compatible with models of iPhones, Motorola, Samsung, T-Mobile, and HTC phones.

To view details and see all of our desktop wallpapers, go to:


Scroll down to view the new mobile wallpapers and click the link of your specific phone model to access your image.

More wallpapers to come…stay tuned!